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The most significant issue with these curated posts is that they are too general. As a real estate company, location is key. While it’s okay to discuss general topics (home decorating, market trends, tips for new homeowners, etc.), you need to make it as locally relevant as possible. People searching for a broker are likely going to type in something like “Real Estate agents in XYZ” (wherever they live). If you don’t have that location on your website and in your content, your page isn’t going to show up. 

Facebook has a similar search algorithm as Google, so localizing your social media posts will also make it easier to find you. Moreover, if you are sharing helpful information about local events and local market trends, you’ll be more visible to potential clients in your area. 

Aside from lack of localization, Google 
penalizes websites with duplicated content. As a business owner, you want as much of an edge as you can get. Using original work specifically written for your customer will boost your search results for clients are more likely to work with you.

Is it cheaper to purchase curated content? Yes. By a long shot. However, if your goal is to build your business, hiring a freelance writer that specializes in localized real estate content is worth the investment. Your results will be significantly more impressive when you work with someone who can make your content original and targeted to your audience versus a cookie-cutter article that every other real estate agent already has on their blog. 

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How is anyone going to find your page if you have the same content as other websites? 

It’s no secret that more buyers and sellers are heading to the internet to scope out potential homes before they ever call a real estate agent, yet real estate ranks as the lowest number of social media interactions per week even though they rank as the highest number of social media posts (Inman).

Why? Simply: quality and originality. While regularly posting is important, it’s more important that what you share is better than what your competition is posting. Moreover, since an estimated 44 percent of buyers found the home they purchased via the internet (NAR), it’s essential that you spend time on social media marketing and website content. 

One trend that’s driving me nuts is content curation. I did a quick Google search using content from one of these sites that sells a packet of curated blog content for real estate agents.I copied and pasted one paragraph from the post into Google search and got back 8,100 results. That’s a problem. 

Mastering Real Estate Content Marketing

Attract more customers with high-quality real estate content that is original and localized. Angela Brown is a freelance real estate writer in Salt Lake City, Utah.