Rewrote professional bios for international design firm

Edited bios for Fahrenheit 212. Created shorter bios to showcase personality and creativity and to encourage trust from business clients. 

Website content and educational blog posts

I rewrote website content and wrote blog posts for a California-based real estate agent. Topics included buying, selling, investing, and working with an agent.  

Links to Published Works

B2B content for Gold Research Inc. 

I write B2B Content for Gold Research Inc., a market research company. The content educates business owners on the importance of using the right tools for tracking customer behavior. 

Wrote content for in-house educational standards 

I wrote content for the in-house education manual for the Global Strategy Team at Johnson and Johnson OneMD.  The content is used to streamline education standards and content creation within the training system. 

Customer-oriented, SEO-rich blog content 

I researched and wrote content for Sparkling Clean Agency, a California-based cleaning service. Articles featured local news items as well as blog posts on popular topics among the business's customer base. 

Educated small business owners 

I researched and wrote content on small business marketing content including social media marketing, content strategy, and landing pages at VSB Press

My Writer Portfolio

Wrote and edited viral content 

I've written more than 100 news-based articles for SFG and their sister sites (including DIY Everywhere). Topics ranged from science to DIY projects. 

Angela J. Brown

Salt Lake City Real Estate  and Finance WRiter

B2B content detailing new international work standards 

Wrote informative B2B content encouraging business owners to review and understand new international work standards. 

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Website and actionable credit score content

I rewrote website content and created a how-to guide for individuals interested in getting out of debt or improving their credit score.