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Even more complex financial topics can be explained easily. Hire a freelance finance writer to help inform your customers in a simple, clean way.

Improve your Credit Score in 30 Days

In this money article for Finance Buzz, I discuss a few ways you can increase your credit score quickly. 

One of the best things you can do is provide quality content that helps your customers. A freelance finance writer can create the great content your clients want.

Real Estate

I wrote a comprehensive article covering questions would-be home buyers should ask their broker before taking the plunge into real estate.

Living in Cherry Hill, NJ

Selling a home is about selling an idea as much as it is property. Real estate agents understand that community is a key factor in buying decisions. This example shows how to sell a community. 

How to Choose a Public Adjuster

Financial concerns are at the head of every insurance claim. This article was written to provide helpful tips for a Boca Raton-based public adjuster company. 

Credit Score 101: What you Should Know 

Do you know how your credit score affects your financial credibility? This helpful piece tells consumers just how important that little number is. 

 I create localized content for a top-selling Salt Lake City real estate agent. The content uses SEO and local keywords to attract the target audience. 

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Give your clients great financial content to increase your position as an expert in the financial industry.

Gas Prices Eliminate Social Security Increases

This news article details the effect gas prices had on the cost of living for those on social security. This financial issue increased expenses for many people on Medicare. 

Real Estate Commission 101

Most buyers/sellers don't have a clear understanding of how a real estate agent gets paid. This type of article is great for building trust with your  clients. 

A real estate writer will help create content to encourage interested buyers to make a move.

7 Traps to Avoid when Buying a Home

These home buying tips were written for a California-based real estate agent. Helpful content lets you show off your expertise and attract a local audience. 

Sell real estate clients a community and you'll sell them a home. Hire a freelance real estate writer to improve your sales content.
Older customers should have access to quality financial content. Use a freelance writer to help keep your clients up to date on the market.

​ Finance 

Buying a home isn't the only concern customers have. Help them prepare for home ownership with helpful tips. A freelance real estate writer can provide quality research and interesting articles.

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Angela J. Brown

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Personal Loans in Seattle 

This personal finance article was written for Lending Tree. The piece discusses loan options and offers financial education about terms and fees consumers should look for. 

Customers appreciate actionable content that informs. Financial companies can increase their audience with quality content.
Build the trust of your real estate clients with transparency. A freelance real estate writer can help evoke emotion and increase conversions.

The Pitfalls of Binary Trading Options

Financial investments always carry some level of risk. Binary trading options just have the potential to be the riskiest option of all. 

Currency Trading Basics

This article, written for Money Tool, discusses the basics of currency trading for beginning investors. 

Money Matters at Every Age

Whether you're 20 or 70, you likely have some financial concerns. This article discusses the most common money problems at every age, and how to tackle them.