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Angela J. Brown

Salt Lake City Real Estate  and Finance WRiter

Providing quality financial content is a great way to build trust. Angela is a freelance finance writer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The financial industry consistently ranks among the lowest-trusted. The reasons for the mistrust are varied, from economic uncertainty to bad experiences with past financial companies to simple anxiety over trusting someone with personal funds.

As a professional in the finance industry, you need your clients to trust you. One of the simplest ways to do that is to provide quality content that’s easily accessible, well-written, and helpful. 

Finance topics, in all its forms, often feels scary or confusing, especially for the average Joe who has little experience with investing, insurance, or budgeting. Because many people equate money with security, this feeling of confusion can create mistrust, even if you’ve never done anything to warrant the doubt and skepticism.  There are a few ways to improve the content that you offer your clients:

Choose the right type of content:
Blog posts, newsletters, articles, and social media posts are only a few ways you can reach your clients in the financial arena. White papers, more popular in technical industries, are an excellent resource for financial businesses as well. Because they are longer and more technical in scope than blog posts or articles, white papers are a fantastic way to market your business by helping people understand more complex issues. 

Choose the right topics:
The easiest way to know what financial issues are important to your customer: ask them. You can also do some keyword research or reading of recent headlines to craft ideas. Alternatively, you can approach a popular financial topic (like saving money) and put a twist on it. 

Provide quality content:
Content marketing is hot. That means most businesses already know they need some online material to share with customers. However, many financial businesses don’t have the time, energy
, or skill set required to create unique content that’s specific to their audience. Don’t just toss curated content on your website and call it good. A freelance financial writer has the time and skillset needed to get the job done right. 

According to 
The Financial Brand, 18 percent of all online users have some ad blocker on their computer or mobile device. This means that traditional online advertising (like banner ads), may be less effective. Content marketing can set you apart in the financial industry. In fact, 86 percent of all B2C businesses use content marketing, and for good reason. Companies who use content marketing see conversion rates SIX times higher than companies that don’t. 

If you want to increase leads and build trust with your customers, consider hiring a freelance financial writer to help improve your content. Send me an email and we'll schedule a time to talk about your content needs. 

Building Trust with Quality Finance Content