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Increase conversion rates by giving your customer what they want. 

Get personal with your customers. 

Did you know that people are more likely to share content that matches or supports their beliefs, provides hope and inspiration or gives them something they can aspire to achieve?  (Social Media Today)

When you know your target audience, you can frame the content you share with them to maximize exposure and sharability. 

Give them something, and they will come

Your customers want something from you. The best thing you can give them: information and tools. I provide real estate and personal finance content that is usable (informative and actionable) and meets the standards of sharability

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Customers are bombarded with information every day, and it's easy for them to miss your important message. You may even feel like your personal finance or real estate content is going to waste.

I write content that attracts potential customers and sets you up as an expert in your industry. I use my experience as a reporter, copy editor, and freelance writer to help you develop the right messaging for your ideal client. 

The Pitfalls of SEO Marketing

Why search engine optimization should not be your only online marketing tool. 

Defining your Project
Tips for creating a plan for successful content strategy. 

Angela J. Brown

Salt Lake City Real Estate  and Finance WRiter